About Us - Photocopier Rental Johor Bahru JB

    We were founded in 2000 and have a solid foothold in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The company main goal is to reconditioned sell, rent, repair and maintain multi printer. Our experienced technical team will provide excellent after sales services and maintenance services to our respective clients. The company’s success in Johor Bahru has an important market.
    我们成立于2000年,在马来西亚新山拥有稳固的据点 该公司的主要目标是翻新出售,出租,维修和保养多台打印机。 我们经验丰富的技术团队将提供优质的售后服务和 为我们各自的客户提供维护服务。 该公司在新山的成功拥有重要的市场。

    Our Business Solution include:

    • Sale, Service, Rental & Maintenance of used reconditioned multifunction printer, color print and black & white multi printer like copy, color scanner, fax, network print, Scan to email, USB print
    二手和翻新多功能打印机的销售,服务,租赁和维护, 彩色打印和黑白多功能打印机,例如复印,彩色扫描仪,传真,网络打印, 扫描到电子邮件,USB打印。
    • Fingerprint Machine
    • Time Recorder Machine
    • Paper Shredder
    • Facsimile Machine
    • 指纹机
    • 时间记录机
    • 碎纸机
    • 传真机
    • Laminator Machine
    • Multi Currency Electronic Checkwriter
    • Banknote Counter
    • 覆膜机
    • 多币种电子支票机
    • 点钞机

    Vision & Mission

    20 years experience in sales, rental, services and maintenance for reconditioned copier.
    Always the right price, always the best quality office solution.